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Preach What You Practice: LOMAP Debuts New Podcast, “The UnBillable Hour”

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Back in July (which seems like it was just yesterday, given our being recently hit with a heat wave two days following a snowstorm–the Spirit works in mysterious ways, does he not), Rodney wrote here at the blog about the importance of listening to podcasts. Taking not wanting to be hypocritical to the extreme, Rodney has decided that just listening to podcasts is not good enough for him. Oh, no. He must, instead, host his own podcast. The man is just insatiable.

In wanting to practice what he preaches, and because of a concurrent, joined desire to preach what he practices (as well as a likely secret boyhood desire to be a disc jockey–now he just needs a catchphrase), Rodney has managed to finagle LOMAP’s debut podcast, “The UnBillable Hour: Law Practice Advisory Podcast”, which premiered last week.

The podcast, produced by the Legal Talk Network (providers of fine legal podcasts), and sponsored (most generously, I might add) by AbacusLaw, (purveyors of fine law practice management software), will run for six monthly episodes.

The first episode is currently available at Legal Talk’s UnBillable Hour homepage. The topic of the first podcast is “Legal Marketing for Success”, and features Rodney’s comments, and interview with Lee Rosen, attorney marketer extraordinaire and practicing attorney out of the North Cackalacky. (Erik Mazzone loves this guy, so you know he’s got to be good.) The podcast itself totals 25 minutes in length, and is a good listen. Check it out. Two points if you can tell me who the voiceover guy at the beginning is. What do those two points count for? Probably nothing.

If you like the podcast, check back monthly at the UnBillable Hour homepage to listen to further installments. If that does not even sate your appetite, and you still can’t get enough, join The UnBillable Hour Group on LinkedIn.

Thanks for listening.

. . .

And, you know, Rodney is not the only budding DJ within these LOMAP walls. I do a little unsanctioned DJing myself. That’s right: pirate radio (of a sort), right here at the LOMAP blog, where you can find my musical selections sprinkled throughout any of the posts hereat.

What does this have to do with law practice management? Absolutely nothing.

But, if you want to hear some sweet Buffalo Springfield, or some rare JT, or some rollicking Zevon, or even some Son Volt and this song, and whatever else pops into my head every now and again, you know where to find me. Don’t worry, though, I was not the first DJ, and I will certainly not be the last.

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