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Farther Time: Review of Chrometa, Time Capture Software

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For the current, June 2010 issue of the ABA General Practice, Solo & Small Firm Division’s excellent GP|Solo magazine, I reviewed the time capture product Chrometa.

Sometime around two weeks ago, I had a realization about not writing more than one review: one for the blog, one for a magazine. (Was I stupid before? You could say that. Only, if you did, I’d resent you for the rest of your life. So, if you can live with that, sure, you can call me stupid.) The upshot of all this being that you can find the full version of my Chrometa review here, just as it appears in GP|Solo this month. (Well, not just as it appears; it’s on your computer screen, not in a magazine; but, you know . . .)

Given the demands of national magazine publishing, I originally drafted this review of Chrometa back in February. (Remember February? Winter. The Groundhog’s Day. That thing with my toe. . . . Oh, um. Sorry. Never mind.) So, be sure to check the Chrometa website from time to time for continuing updates on product improvements. The folks over at Chrometa, as I understand it, are deep in development mode as we speak, with some nifty new features to come from their efforts soon; so, keep tabs on their web workshop.

Even four months after writing my review, I still like Chrometa; I think it can be a useful product for attorneys. If, after reading my take, you think you might like Chrometa, too, you can try it free for thirty days. If you decide to buy Chrometa, you’re entitled to a 20% discount on the purchase price as a reader of the LOMAP Blog. Just enter the discount code MASSLOMAP for the discount to apply. Don’t say I never did nothing for you. (You can thank me at Christmastime, with a nice Christmas card that includes enclosed a substantial check. Actually, it doesn’t even have to be Christmastime. And, you don’t even need to send a card.)

I do have positive things to say about Chrometa, mind you, despite the fact that the company’s principal is an insufferable Lakers fan. I can understand why someone would like the Lakers, though: They’re a class organization, and they almost never lose in the Finals. Oh, my bad, that’s the Celtics.

If you’ve read down this far in the post, you probably don’t have a whole heck of a lot going on today. Since that’s the case, you should check out the remainder of the articles included in the June issue of GP|Solo. Lots of really good stuff in there, as per usual, much of which will serve as a boon to your practice efficiencies and organization.

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