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Generational Intersection: Lawyers and Communication Across Age Gaps

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I had the good fortune of recently being interviewed for an article about the ways in which lawyers communicate with colleagues and clients across the generation gap. You may find the full article here, very well-written, as it is, by Correy Stephenson of Lawyers USA.

You’ll find me planted squarely in this piece as the representative for Generation X. I didn’t even know I was part of Generation X; but, there you go. Reading about it on Wikipedia, it’s a pretty apt description of me and my views (this is just like when Pandora reads my mind); although, maybe, I’m sometimes Y, too. But, it’s alright by me: I think the fact that I was selected for Generation X means that I was the youngest person quoted in the article. In fact, I’m drinking a juicebox and curling barbells right now, really exploring the studio space, as it were. (I knew I should have led with some high-minded concepts. Instead, I spoke plainly, and I don’t up end up being a theorist, but only an exemplar. Ah, well. I guess I’ll just have to cry instead.)

Now, I’m not passing this article along to you for my own self-aggrandizement. (Well, I am a little, but . . .) I really do think that this is an interesting piece, including the comments by some real experts in legal communications and legal marketing, like Jordan Furlong, Tom Kane and Ed Poll. (I’ll be sure to call Tom, if I ever need to reach him.) And, more generally, the article represents a fairly fascinating take on preferences, and on the thoughtfulness that should be applied in targeting communications for best effect. It also underscores the staggering pace at which technology has advanced, and continues to advance, in modern society: that each generation has its own, separate, favorite communication platform is nothing short of amazing. Especially as I think that, like, the chief communication method, for, like, the first several generations, was, like, hitting sticks together, or something . . .

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