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Tweet Me Right: A Primer for Developing Relationships and Clients through Twitter

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Lately, I’ve been writing a lot for other entities.  (I know, I know.  This is sort of lame; but, hey, I’m only one man . . . I can only write so much.  However, I can promise that I will get up some more original-to-the-LOMAP Blog-content for the late Summer and into the Fall.  A major writing project has ended, and I am in the process of streamlining my obligations.  . . . Hey, that’s a good name for a boat, ‘Streamlining My Obligations’.  Now, I just need to buy a boat.)  I wrote for the American Bar Association’s ‘Law Practice Today’ ezine two months in a row, in fact.  (How come?  I’m just a special kind of cat, that’s how come.)  The second of my two articles was about using Twitter for professional and client development.  It seemed to generate a decent amount of traction; so, for those of you who missed it the first time, or there, here it is, here.  (Man, I’ve been writing a lot about Twitter lately.  Would anyone like to buy my account before I burn out?)
Thanks to Tom Shumate for recruiting me for this project.
. . .
Liner Notes
Indeed, the rumoursare truePart of my renewed commitment to bring back original content to the LOMAP Blog is wrapped up in the triumphant return of ‘Liner Notes’, because I don’t just know law practice management.  I like Miley Cyrus, as well.  I even have a Hannah Montana t-shirt that my wife won’t let me wear outside the house.
This week’s entry comes from friend of the LOMAP program, Alan Klevan, who tells me he has been listening to a lot of ‘Spock’s Beard’ lately.  He asked me to listen to a song called ‘At the End of the Day’, which was okay . . . and 16 minutes long (not quite as long as Poco’s ‘Nobody’s Fool/El Tonto De Nadie, Regresa’, though).  These guys strike me as a poor man’s Genesis, complete with the drummer-becomes-lead singer-storyline.  Though, there is sort of a spirited Rush vibe here, as well; and, we know how some peoplefeel about Neil Peart, like Jack Black.  It will be a judgment call as to whether you like Spock’s Beard better than Spock’s beard; but, perhaps if Alan deigns to comment below, he can set me straight as to why Spock’s Beard is most awesome.  Admittedly, I’ve only listed to one song . . . while I was folding laundry.
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