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Four Score: Keep Your Practice Moving

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Most often, I only have one good idea for Attorney at Work at a time; this mid- to late summer, however, I’m quadrupling up.  (Fore!)  I’ve recently had posted to the Attorney at Work site four of my very best recommendations for solo and small firm attorneys.  Read me talking about (1) mobile websites, (2) case management software, (3) staying in touch and (4) reviewing your rates (see, four) . . . it’s all right here.
. . .
Liner Notes
Aside from iTunes, where I house the Correia International Music Archive and Collection, Spotifyis my favorite place to listen to music, and my exclusive tune engine for the workday.  I love listening to full albums/catalogues from/of artists, because it’s a great way to discover deep tracks.  Pandora’s good for that, too; but, with ever-increasing advertisements, and listening limits, you’ve really got to pay to play to make Pandora worthwhile.  (I’m down with Grooveshark, as well; but, it’s less stable than Spotify . . . probably because it doesn’t look like the unclever Groove Shark (as opposed to the clever land shark — ‘candygram’) cares all that much for copyright law.  But, if I wanted to listen to Led Zeppelin, I’d ride the ‘shark’, yeah.)  Though, I digress,hard(ly).
One of my second favorite things about Spotify is that they have cool playlists and promotions.  But, their latest venture takes the cake.  The ‘Spotify Live Series’, inaugurated with a focus on the Dave Matthews Band(let me tell you, when I was college, you couldn’t walk 5 feet without hearing DMB pumping from some high window; ‘Crash’ was the soundtrack of my early 20s), is one of the best music-related ideas since ‘The Voice’, which is currently changing the landscape of reality television = the only television left anymore.  (Then there were the dudes who lived below me freshmen year, who would alternate between DJ Kool’s ‘Let Me Clear My Throat’ and Stealers Wheel’s ‘Stuck in the Middle with You’ for hours on end.  Literally.  I still hate those guys.)
Here’s how it works: Take the original album track listing, and replace the studio versions with live versions drawn from various concerts and tours.  It’s not a traditional live album, because each song is drawn from a different show or tour; and, while most live albums are compilations (of just the hits), this is, instead, a reimagining of the studio album, B-sides and those deep tracks included.  For someone who appreciates listening to albums straight through, this is beyond fantastic.  It’s like listening to the original record in a completely different way.  In layman’s terms, this is (insert swear word adjective ending in -ing here) amazing.

The series currently includes live collections/versions of ‘Remember Two Things’ (strangely, mostly a live album in its original format; but, I won’t dwell on such trivialities),’Under the Table and Dreaming’, ‘Crash’ ‘Before These Crowded Streets’, and some other, later-dated albums I couldn’t care less about.  All of your favorite tracks are here, including: ‘Drive In, Drive Out’ (the best DMB song of all-time — don’t challenge me on this, please), ‘Jimi Thing and ‘Stay’, among many, many others.

This is a lot like HD TV . . . You’ve got to see HD to understand why no self-respecting man can live without it; and, you’ve sort of got to listen to the Spotify Live Series to experience its full glory, and to practically be jumping out of your sharkseat, as I have been for quite some time now.
Since this is a fantastic idea, I would like to suggest further artists to treat in this manner, as follows:
Okay, everybody.  Do you hear me, Spotify!?!?  Everybody!!!!!  (Everybody.)
(Was this entire post an excuse to talk about college and music?  Why, yes.  Yes it was.)
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