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Alexander the Great: LOMAP Hires a New Practice Advisor

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People like free stuff, which is great for the people — but, sometimes, not-so-great for the free stuff.  As LOMAPtakes on more and more clients, and continues to work with its existing clients, our staff gets stretched ever-thinner, attempting to effectively manage a fast-growing caseload.  In determining that a couple more hands on deck would go a long way to increasing our responsiveness, we have recently hired a new practice advisor, Heidi Alexander.  You can learn more about Heidi at our website, via her LinkedIn page and through her Twitter account— and, probably other places, too: she’s all over the web, like spider(wo)man. Sure, I could have written a full-scale introduction of Heidi; but, I was loathe to rob her of the opportunity to draft a third-person account of who she is, which sort of account she relays below.  Plus, since Heidi has contributed our main blog post this week, I won’t have to do one, and can now finally go out and catch the new Lincoln movie, clothed not in jeans and a t-shirt — but, rather, in immense power.
. . .
Ice hockey goaltenders are one unique breed — they’re quirky, mentally tough and brave, and have a strong work ethic.  LOMAP is fortunate to now have one playing for its team.  Engrained with the goalie mindset, our new law practice advisor, Heidi S. Alexander, never backs down from a challenge.  Heidi will meet with and advise lawyers on all law practice management issues, make presentations to the local legal community, contribute to publications (like this one), and help to review, advise, and implement new law office technologies.  Although she is being forced to write this piece on a PC (her new iMac and iPad are yet to arrive), Heidi will be our go-to advisor for all Apple-related technology products.  (You hear that? Ask Heidi all your Apple questions. -ed.)
Heidi is a native Minnesotan (hence the ice hockey), who migrated east to attend Amherst College.  She liked the eastern folks and folkways so much that she established residency on the East Coast, and gave up part of her birthright: the Minnesota accent; but, don’t worry, she’s still got that Minnesota niceworking for her.  Early in her career, Heidi worked with entrepreneurs on all aspects of business startup and management at a regional nonprofit business assistance organization, the Center for Women & Enterprise.  (Sound familiar? -ed.)  She attended Rutgers School of Law, where she was the editor-in-chief of the Rutgers Law Review.  Following law school, she clerked for a justice of the Supreme Court of New Jersey and practiced employment law and litigation at a small Boston-based firm, before starting her own solo practice and web consulting business.  Heidi has consulted with solo and small firms on internet marketing techniques, implementation of new technologies, and the use of productivity tools.
When she’s not at her computer or other mobile device (which is not often), she’s doing the opposite and exploring the great outdoors by hiking, biking, or snowboarding.  She also has a soft spot for charitable work, and tends to commit much of her spare time to those activities.
. . .
Minnesoter Liner Notes
(Note: My grandparents, now deceased, were Bob Dylan’s godparents; “Blowin’ in the Wind” was the first song I learned how to play on the guitar.)
Walk with Me” by Moby(and, really, anything by Moby)

The Sporting Life” by The Decembrists

My Name is Prince” by Prince(first cassette single I ever owned) (Of course, you’re from Minnesota. -ed.)
House of Cards” by Radiohead                 
100%” by Chromeo
Rocky Raccoon” by The Beatles(Glaring omission by a Minnesotan. -ed.)
Touch ‘Em All” by Pat Donohue(And, Heidi claims to have been at the 1987 and 1991 World Series. -ed.)
Regulate” by Nate Dogg& Warren G(It’s no longer the g-funk era; but, What the hell. -ed.)
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