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Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot, Season 3: The Best of the Guests (2012)

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Compilation post 2 of 2.  (1 of 2).  Ah, ‘tis the Season(ing)!  We’ll have some hot stuff for you for much of the remainder of 2013 here at the LOMAP Blog; but, for now, we still be reminiscing.
Each year, at around this time, I endeavor to collect the very best of our guest blog posts from the past year, ordering them up into this here catalogue, but without the sing-songy goodness of my general ‘best of’ collection, mostly because that’s a Christmastimething, and this is a New Year’s thing — and, there just aren’t that many good New Year’s songs . . .
Ahem: ‘the Best of the Guests’:
-In January, Gabriel Cheong gave us his take on the TrialPadapp @ Review of Trial Pad 2.1 for the iPad
-In February, Gerrit Betz offered some of his best tips respecting template creation and utilization @ Improve Your Effectiveness by Building Your Document Library
-In July, Rob Thornediscussed the importance of a diversified investment portfolio @ Safety in Numbers: Why Diversification Matters
-In October, David Ten Eyck created his own catalogue, of potential benefits available to employees of small law firms @ A Primer on Group Employee Benefits for Small Law Offices
-In November, Sofia Lingos addressed the sometimes vexing problem of whether and how a solo attorney might apply for a d/b/a certificate @ Lawyers Doing Business in Massachusetts: Must I File a D/B/A?
How did I select these five?  Well, they’re the only guest posts we’ve published this year.
Why?  Well, with unprecedented client numbers this year, I haven’t really had as much time to seek or edit guest posts as I would like.  Hopefully, with the arrival of one Heidi Alexander, that will change some.
The other thing about this, is that I don’t get all that many legitimate requests to guest blog from attorneys or consultants or other professionals — that is, if I’m not asking for them directly.  But, don’t be shy: If you’d like to write for the LOMAP Blog, email me about a proposed law practice management topic at
Who knows, if you play your cards right, you, too, could be one of five guest authors listed . . . in ‘Best of the Guests’ (future edition, 2013).
. . .
Liner Notes
Well, it’s the end of the year, and that means that everybody is predictingand prognosticating(a lot) over what will happen in 2013, now that the Mayans have been proven poor astrologers or terrible mathematicians by amateur history scholars the world over.  (Take that, Mayans.)
I figure I should then join the party, and make some predictions of my own . . . about what will happen in popular music in 2013.
I think it’s going to be a big year for the Buffalo Springfield. . . What’s that?  They haven’t come out with an album since 1968?
I knew this was a terrible idea . . . I don’t listen to popular music.
Wait . . . Peter Gabriel left Genesis?  Are you KIDDING me?
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