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Pickin’ Up What You’re Puttin’ Down: Locating Your Files

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I chose to broadcast my one really good idea for the month of January through Attorney at Work.  Yup, there’s only one . . . and, they have it.
In this installment, I cover the filing and retrieving of law office matters and papers (or electronic versions thereof).  Come for the staccato suggestions respecting the fine-tuning of your document management protocol, stay for the ‘SignsEaster egg.
Read the whole thing here.
. . .
Liner Notes
There are signs that winter is breaking everywhere: daylight savings time has again commenced; there’s a new Paisley album on the way; and, Spring Training is winding down.  Perhaps contributing to the start of the thaw was some big news in early March: one of my favorite bands, Son Volt, released a new album, Honky Tonk.  As is typical of Son Volt, though the band’s sound and members have changed over the years, the album is solid throughout.  Whereas The Allman Brothers Band brought to bear two drummers, Son Volt has two fiddlers, this time around.  There’re also ample amounts of pedal steel guitar in play.  Now, that’s my kind of album.  But, it may be yours, too.  This isn’t your grandfather’s honky tonk, after all; and, the middle American sound suits Son Volt.  The standout track on the album is ‘Hearts and Minds’, which, wisely, has been installed as the first song in order.  ‘Tears of Change’ is another great track; and, you can listen to this album all the way through, and be well-satiated.  Of course, if you like to multitask, you could bounce around to ‘Bakersfield’ then to the ‘Seawall’.  ‘Brick Walls’ and ‘Barricades’ cannot prevent you from travel ‘Down the Highway’, and so on.  The ‘Wild Side’ is underrated.
Are you pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down?

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