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marketing plan, get our template platform

Limited Release: The Marketing Platform, Revealed!

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(It’s not every day I use an exclamation point to punctuate a blog post title, right? This is probably important.)
My list of life’s regrets looks something like this:
(1) When I was in 2nd grade, I appended pictures to a posterboard for a science fair project, thereby inventing BOTH Pinterest AND Instagram. I never followed up on either idea. (Voice in my head: ‘YOU BLEW IT!!!!!’)
(2) Karaoke. Shania Twain. (No. 1 Rule of Karaoke at Grand Buffet: the crowd gets what the crowd wants.)
(3) Earlier in this space, I promised to put together a template ‘marketing platform’, my short-form version of a marketing plan. Boy, that was a mother to pull off . . . turns out I’m not so good at Excel.
. . .
Yet, I persevere. I have, several weeks past my expectation, finally completed my template marketing platform, which is accessible here, via two spreadsheets. I’ve also, at the suggestion of Heidi, created a glossary for some of the analytics terms I use — though, I am highly unqualified to have done so. Also, my math in calculating return on investment may not be right, so don’t check on that — I never said I was good at math . . .
I haven’t put any sort of encryption, locks or protections on the template documents; so, feel free to use them at your discretion, pass them around, edit them (so long as you give credit to this blog, if you distribute them, or your versions of them) . . .
Like what I’ve done? Hate it? Feel free to hash it out in the comments.
(Nobody ever comments; but, I figure: ‘What the hell?’, I’ll ask.)

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