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Leveraging Your Technology Competency – A Limited-Time Discount on the Legal Technology Audit

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Technology has become essential in today’s law practice. Not only does it increase internal efficiencies, but it offers a competitive advantage to firms that leverage it properly. This month on our Lunch Hour Legal Marketing webinar, Casey Flaherty and Professor Andrew Perlman, creators of the Legal Technology Audit, joined us to discuss the importance of technology competency to the 21st century lawyer, and in particular, how it can be used to generate and sustain business. For more information on the development of the audit, listen to this podcast interview with Flaherty and Perlman, and take a look at this recent Washington Post article.
Below, Flaherty describes the intent behind the audit and how it can be used in your practice. If you read until the very end, you’ll find a limited-time discount code for purchase of the audit.
Thanks, Casey!

Law departments are increasingly reflecting the businesses they serve. Among other things, this means a more empirically-oriented, data-driven approach to legal spend management. If you meet the quality threshold for consideration, what objective metrics differentiate you from the other lawyers or firms who passed that same threshold.
Price, maybe. But legal prices so commonly converge that you have to explain how you can offer the same quality service at an appreciably lower cost. One good explanation is efficiency through the proper leveraging of technology. Moreover, legal services are rarely priced. Rather, a billable rate is quoted. A rate is not a price. It is missing the multiplier: hours. Thus, more commonly, you need to explain why you can perform the same quality service in markedly fewer hours. Again, one of the best explanations is efficiency though the proper leveraging of technology.
Up until now, anyone could claim to be efficient through the proper leveraging of technology. This dynamic has changed with the introduction of the Legal Technology Audit, an objective, benchmarked assessment of the efficient use of basic software in a legal context. Its creators, Casey Flaherty and Professor Andrew Perlman, gave an overview of the LTA in this recent Lunch Hour Legal Marketing webinar and have now agreed to a limited-time, 25% discount exclusively for LOMAP clients and blog readers. From now until the end of March, you can sign up for the LTA by sending an email with the subject line “LOMAP” to to purchase an unlimited number of LTA licenses for $150 per license instead of the usual list price of $199 per license.

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