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Get Your Lunch On: Here's a Limited Edition Podcast Series You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

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We dabble as podcasters in much the same way that Ron Burgundy dabbles in the jazz flute: smartly.
It was only a matter of time, however, before just the one Legal Talk Network podcast was not enough. So, we opened the Lunch Hour Legal Marketing podcast (props to Trent Carlyle on the dope logo), which features recordings and presentations from our popular webinar series.
But, we ran into a problem: we don’t run any #LHLM webinars in the summer. Content breach, meet the ‘Summer of Lunch’. That’s right, we’re running a series of interviews this summer with yours truly as host and special guests Larry Port, Ed Walters, Leigh McMillan and Kevin O’Keefe — at least, I think O’Keefe is in; he’s mysterious.
We’re calling it the #SummerofLunch (yes, (hashtag)SummerofLunch), and the first episode (my interview with Larry Port of RocketMatter) is already out. You can listen to it here.
Two items to be aware of:
(1) Each episode will feature a Warren Zevon reference, at the request of Mark Oblinger.
(2) Random questions will be strewn among the legal questions. Hear what Ed Walters of FastCase has to say when I ask him how his life would be different if his name was Walter Edwards.
#SummerofLunch. It’s on.
. . .
Liner Notes
Listen to:
Listen to the Band’ by The Monkees
I don’t care if they were a marketing creation: I love the Monkees. I used to drum on paint cans, pretending I was Mickey Dolenz.
But, if you’re a Monkees hater, try this Mike Nesmith honky tonk (studio version) on for size, for something different. Then, listen to Mickey scat, and go watch ‘Head’.
Yup, the Monkees ended up rebelling against the commercialism pretty damn hard . . . before they (minus Nesmith) ultimately sold out again — but, that’s besides the point.

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