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adhd workshop for lawyers

NEW Workshop! Techniques for Practicing Law with ADHD

This article is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be used in place of professional advice, treatment, or care in any way. Lawyers, law students, judges, and other legal professionals in Massachusetts can find more on scheduling a Free & Confidential appointment with a licensed clinician here.

LCL has launched Free & Confidential Workshops, offering techniques for practicing law with ADHD.

Depending on your circumstances, ADHD can feel like a burden or a superpower. Clinical staff at Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers (LCL is the same organization behind our Mass LOMAP services) designed a 3-hour workshop specifically for law students, lawyers, and other legal professionals who face unique obstacles in their work – and have unique abilities – as a result of ADHD. No formal diagnosis is required.

Much of the common perception of ADHD is misleading. We’ll take a real look at the nature of ADHD, and why viewing it as a deficit in attention is not very accurate or helpful.

You’ll come away with specific techniques to use to harness your attention and focus, and ways of addressing obstacles in productivity due to the experiences of ADHD. 

Workshops will be offered in Boston, online, and in as many locations around Massachusetts as we can. We’ll help you fuel your development with food, beverages, and breaks for conversation with new connections. To get early notice when the next workshop is scheduled, email Shawn, who leads the workshops.

After you attend a workshop, you can join monthly support meetings! This will be your network for ongoing guidance, accountability, and support as you continue to implement and try new solutions that will help you harness the value and minimize the drawbacks of working and living with ADHD.


Dr. Shawn Healy, PhD joined Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers in 2014. As a Clinical Psychologist, he meets with clients regularly, leads groups, writes articles, and makes presentations to the legal community. Shawn enjoys riding his motorcycle and preparing homemade mac & cheese for his wife and three kids. Read more about Shawn here.

Let Shawn know if attending in Boston is inconvenient for you, or if you’re interested in an online version of this workshop for any other reason! Shawn can be reached via email at, or by calling (617) 482-9600.

Find tips you can start using before the workshop in this blog post from Shawn.

And you’ll find more insight in this interview with our Executive Director, Anna Levine, Esq. who shared her personal experiences working and living with ADHD, as a lawyer and beyond. 

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