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Become a Pro Zoomer: Top 10 Tips for Lawyers [Webinar]

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Get the top 10 tips you need to be a pro on Zoom from Charity Anastasio, Esq. with this 27-minute installment of Webinars for Busy Lawyers.


Videoconferencing is a skill every lawyer needs in the digital age, especially when we are looking to reduce face-to-face contact to protect the health and reduce spread of COVID-19. There are rules to every engagement, and Zoom is no different.

Get the top 10 tips for using the tool to collaborate with staff and clients in this fast-paced webinar. We will cover:

  • Creating a secure meeting or inviting on the fly
  • How to effectively share your screen and get things done
  • Looking your best with what you’ve got
  • Helping your clients, staff, and yourself overcome technical challenges with poise

Stay tuned for the insightful and lengthy recorded Q & A that our expert provided.





About the Expert

Charity Anastasio is a Practice Management Advisor for the American Immigration Lawyers Association. She was in private practice for 5 years in the greater Seattle Area, before she entered the bar association world where she has helped lawyers overcome their practice management hurdles for 7 years. Charity is a shameless ethics nerd and practice management ambassador. She advises on ethics and practice management issues through consultations, publications, and presentations, and was named an ABA Women of Legal Tech Honoree last year. Find her on Twitter @charityanas.


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