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2021 Anti-Racism Initiative from NBLSA & MILS: First Conversation is February 11th!

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An important new antiracism series from the Mindfulness in Law Society and National Black Law Students Association begins on Thursday, February 11th.


2021 Anti-Racism Initiative

MILS and NBLSA have recently announced a series of monthly hour-long anti-racism conversations for the legal profession, the 2021 Anti-Racism Initiative. These free conversations invite everyone in the profession, from the newest law student to the most senior judges — to come together, break the silence, and have the conversations that will help us identify how to “lift the burdens that our non-white friends and colleagues have been bearing nearly entirely alone.”

Find more on the MILS website here.


Why Do You Care About My Hair?

The first talk in the series will focus on the pervasive undercurrent of resistance to natural hair in the legal workplace. Prepare for the discussion by reviewing the materials curated by NBLSA and MILS — you can expect the following to take about 15 minutes to read/watch all, which are important to review even if you can’t attend the live discussion:




Detraumatizing Our Bodies, Minds, and Hearts

During this program, Professor Donald Tibbs discussed the state-sanctioned killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Daunte Wright; and how to relieve yourself of the trauma that’s endured from watching these tragic events occur. Ms. Bella Dilworth led various mindfulness exercises that can begin to detraumatize our minds, bodies, and hearts.



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