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Microsoft 365 & Teams Deployment for Legal: Free Webinar Series

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A free webinar series from Microsoft designed to help law firms adopting Teams with a focus on data privacy for client matters is running weekly through April 7th.


Microsoft recently began a webinar series about its 365 and Teams platform with insight for law firms in particular. Collaboration and project management tools can be a boon to law firm productivity. Microsoft’s 365 and Teams products are among those discussed in our recent update on Essential Tech for Paperless, Virtual, and Remote Law Firms. Teams, part of Microsoft 365’s popular office suite, offers robust videoconferencing and VoIP in addition to collaboration and project management features. The series (running weekly through April 7th) focuses on data privacy, change management and more. From the series website:

Microsoft has developed a Legal-specific vision for Teams and Microsoft 365 that carefully considers Law Firms’ concerns and requirements around data privacy for client-matter data.

In this series, we will discuss Microsoft 365’s productivity & security platform from the perspective of law firms who we recognize have the clear-cut client-matter data Privacy requirements.

You will hear from subject matter experts across Teams, Office 365/SharePoint/OneDrive, Security, Compliance, and Windows 10 to present this proposed vision. This vision will include an Action Plan for how your Firm can start leveraging Teams & Microsoft 365 while still respecting existing client-matter data privacy requirements, to enable a modernized workplace for your lawyers and employees.

The schedule for the remainder of the series follows, running each Wednesday at 11am (eastern) through April 7th:

Adoption and Change Management Practices for the Success of Microsoft Teams in the Legal Industry | Wednesday March 3rd at 11am (eastern)

Understanding the Microsoft Modern Work Platform, Unique Security Approach, and Licensing Requirements | Wednesday, March 10th at 11am (eastern)

How Do Third Party Vendors Integrate? Learn About Teams as a Platform for Application Extensibility | Wednesday, March 17th at 11am (eastern)

Privacy and Microsoft Teams – How Does Microsoft Process Your Firm’s Data? | Wednesday, March 24th at 11am (eastern)

Teams for Unified Communication and Collaboration | Wednesday, March 31st at 11am (eastern)

Establish and Maintain Compliance | Wednesday, April 7th at 11am (eastern)


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