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Pride Month 2021: Reflections in the Legal Profession

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We’re sharing a few updates on the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots as this year’s Pride Month wraps up.


Recently, the Illinois Commission on Professionalism shared Reflections from LGBTQ Lawyers Across Generations on Progress and Continued Challenges. The article shared good news about national progress as it introduced work still needed in the legal profession:

In the legal profession, there has been some improvement in LGBTQ representation. NALP’s latest diversity report indicates that the overall percentage of LGBTQ lawyers increased approximately one-third of a percentage point in 2020, rising to 3.31%. Over a longer period, the number of LGBTQ lawyers is nearly three times larger than when NALP began collecting the data in 2002.

“Pride is simultaneously a great time to celebrate how far we have come as a community, as well as a time to recognize how much work we still have to do for equal representation and treatment in society,” said Jared M. Reynolds, Founding Member of RM Law Group LLC.


Year round, the Massachusetts LGBTQ Bar Association offers opportunities for the community to connect, celebrate, share support and more. Their Annual Report for 2020-2021 shares reflections on the organization’s work over the past year. As always, find more on membership here — dues are on a sliding scale with law students able to join for free, as the Mass. LGBTQ Bar “takes its responsibility to foster future LGBTQ lawyers very seriously.”



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