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Cybersecurity Quick Tip: Some HP, Samsung, and Xerox Printers Vulnerable to Security Flaw

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Legal IT experts at Sensei Enterprises shared news last week about an old security flaw affecting millions of printers.


Lawyers using HP, Samsung, or Xerox printers need to find out whether yours is among those that are running a vulnerable driver — and apply the update if so. From John Simek at the Sensei Enterprises IT Blog:

When it comes to updating software, don’t forget about other devices such as printers, monitors or router firmware. Case in point – SentinelLabs has discovered a 16-year-old vulnerability that has existed in a vulnerable printer driver for millions of HP, Samsung and Xerox printers. The vulnerability is a buffer overflow (CVE-2021-3438) in the SSPORT.SYS driver for specific printer models that could lead to a local escalation of user privileges. The list of impacted printers includes over 380 HP and Samsung models and at least a dozen Xerox models. A list of printers running the vulnerable driver can be found in HP’s security advisory and this Xerox security mini bulletin.

Obviously, if you have a printer running the vulnerable driver, apply the update now.

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Our gratitude to the NCBA Center for Practice Management for circulating this via their helpful ICYMI newsletter.



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