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Cybersecurity Quick Tip: Update All Your Devices & Programs Promptly (as Always, and Especially Now)

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Making prompt software updates is a best practice for cybersecurity, and they’re coming with greater frequency and risk of inaction — in the past 2 days, iOS, Windows, and Chrome all issued fixes for zero-day vulnerabilities.


Lawyers need to stay on top of software updates as standard cybersecurity protocol. Turn on auto-updates whenever possible, and make sure conditions (like a power source and wi fi access) are right for them to run. With risks growing, lawyers need to ensure they’re receiving notified anytime an update is available, recognizing the importance, and actually making the update promptly more than ever.


The recent updates from Apple, Windows, and Google are discussed in this Wired article. Apple’s update addresses an exploit called ForcedEntry (an issue for activists that’s likely to become more widespread). Microsoft’s update covered an exploit in Windows in its ‘Patch Tuesday’ cycle. And Chrome, which has been issuing updates with greater frequency (alongside growing privacy concerns) we discussed in this recent quick tip.


Find more on Staying Up to Speed on Security here from the NCBA Center for Practice Management with great sources to follow to ensure you see the latest updates.



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