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We offer FREE and CONFIDENTIAL Evaluations, Referrals, and Time-Limited Counseling for Lawyers, Law Students, and other Legal Professionals in Massachusetts: Call 617 482 9600 to schedule a time to talk with one of our licensed staff clinicians.

You may click on any of these resources to visit their web sites. This list is necessarily incomplete, and excludes any profit-making clinical resources. Although we have been selective, inclusion in this list does not constitute endorsement by LCL. We do not mean, by posting this list, to encourage you to bypass our own assessment and referral services — by all means, please call us if you are a Massachusetts lawyer, judge, law student, or family member of one.


Mental Health Generally


Addiction and Dependency (Substance and Behavioral)

Attention and Executive Function

Cognitive Decline Resources

Family and Relationships Resources

Financial Matters

Stress Management

Career and Networking Resources

Practice Management Services

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