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ABA Webinar: How Lawyers Can Advocate for Social, Economic, and Racial Justice & What It Means to Make Systemic Change


July 14, 2021 1:00 pm

Hosted by the American Bar Association


Home is where our story begins. Unfortunately, for too many Americans, where you live can affect your ability to access good schools, jobs, and financial institutions.

It determines how often you encounter police and in what capacity. It can even dictate whether you have access to physical safety and good health. Indeed, “zip code is destiny” impacts outcomes across many areas including: access to education, access to fair financial services, involvement in the criminal and juvenile justice systems, foster care system involvement, and likelihood of experiencing homelessness.

This program will focus on how our past and current agency, legal, and even “neighborhood” structures perpetuate social, economic, and racial injustice and what lawyers can do to address these systemic inequities, as well as the legal strategies that can be used to secure racial and economic change.

Join this webinar to gain a better understanding on how the legal structures that support and enable our housing system continue to result in inequitable treatment in our criminal & juvenile justice, foster care, education, health, and other systems. The webinar will focus on how the Fair Housing Act of 1968 links racial and economic justice issues and how it can advance broader systemic goals and solutions. Most importantly this program will provide lawyers with strategies they can utilize secure social, racial, and economic justice and how to navigate the systemic inequities for their clients.

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