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ADHD Workshop [Online] Practicing Law with ADHD


August 23, 2019 9:00 am

Online via Zoom, Access info Upon Registration


Depending on your circumstances, ADHD can feel like a burden or a superpower. This group is designed specifically for lawyers, law students, and other legal professionals who face unique obstacles in their work – and have unique abilities – as a result of ADHD.

Much of the common perception of ADHD is misleading. We take a real look at the nature of ADHD, and why viewing it as a deficit in attention is not very accurate or helpful.

We discuss how we apply specific techniques to use to harness your attention and focus, and the best ways to address obstacles in productivity due to the experiences of ADHD.

No formal diagnosis is required to participate. Each workshop is designed to cover the same material, and you can find ongoing support in our monthly meetings.


Shawn Healy Phd Clinical Psychologist Lcl MaMEET OUR PROGRAM LEADER

Dr. Shawn Healy, PhD joined LCL in 2014. As a Clinical Psychologist, he meets with clients regularly, leads groups, writes articles, and makes presentations to the legal community. Read more about Shawn here.

Shawn can be reached via email at, or by calling (617) 482-9600.

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