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Bar Exam Home-Stretch Stress Relief + Mindfulness Session


July 24, 2019 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

LCL | Mass LOMAP Office

31 Milk St. Suite 810, Boston MA 02109


Preparation can be grueling, isolating, depressing — this event will help you refresh and improve your focus for the Bar Exam.

Join Prof. Nina Farber for a free hour-long session that will teach you some simple mindfulness exercises to help you through that last week leading up to the bar exam.

The final days before the bar are a good time to dial back the intense study and build in additional time for physical and mental rest. Prof. Farber, a legal writing professor and former litigator, is also a certified yoga instructor and meditation practitioner. In her legal writing classes, she incorporates mindfulness exercises to help her students focus better in class and manage law school stress.

In this session, Prof. Farber will guide a meditation designed to relieve some of your last-minute jitters and lead a discussion with tips to use mindfulness to manage test anxiety, relieve stress, and improve focus.

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