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Financial PlanWell(TM) Webinar Series (Free from Essex County Bar Association)


September 29, 2021 4:30 pm

Hosted by the Essex County Bar Association and Baystate Financial Services




Baystate Financial developed a financial well being curriculum, customized for attorneys, to provide thoughtful and objective information focused on the achievement of personal financial goals at any stage of career, or life.

The series is offered virtually, and at no cost to attorneys in Massachusetts



September 29th @ 4:30p

Session 1 focuses on the first step of planning for a successful retirement: Helping each employee understand their individual retirement goals and the factors that will impact those goals. We explore external factors and those that an individual can control — like taking a more informed approach to saving. Attendees move forward into the PlanWell™ Series with a better feel for how saving today will impact their options tomorrow.


October 6th @ 4:30p

This time out, we cover how employees can take the saving principles and lessons from Session 1 and put them to work in pursuit of their retirement goals. From identifying levels of risk tolerance to exploring the investment vehicles available to attendees, we provide a clearer picture of how to grow a nest egg by investing it.


October 13th @ 4:30p

Session 3 continues the PlanWell™ Series with a look at how to keep growing retirement income to better protect against the uncertainties of life after work. With the right strategies, employees can help to ensure that regardless of outside conditions, they keep improving the chances of their own successful retirement.


October 20th @ 4:30p

To close out the series, we explore how individuals can protect their ability to make and save money. Even more importantly, we cover how they can protect themselves financially against the unexpected hardships that life can throw their way. Employees leave the series knowing how to build a more protected plan for their future.

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