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Get Rid of the BS: How Bias Synapse is Holding Back Your Law Firm (Clio)


August 19, 2020 12:00 pm

Did you know racial bias is a significant roadblock to creating cohesiveness and fostering innovation at your law firm? The truth is, racism and biases exist in every aspect of life, including the workplace.

As thousands march in worldwide solidarity protests against racial injustice and systemic racism, one thing has become clear: Racism is a moral, human issue.

How do you navigate these complex issues with colleagues, while working together to provide a client-centered experience?

To help you unpack the bias in your law firm, build authentic relationships with each other, and cultivate innovation, we’re enlisting the help of internationally renowned diversity, inclusion, and bias expert Risha Grant.

Risha Grant, an award-winning entrepreneur, author, and educational and motivational speaker, will be leading a virtual workshop hosted by Nefra MacDonald—Clio’s Affinity Programs Manager—to tackle these deeply complicated topics.

In this special 90-minute event, you will learn:

  • The basics of diversity and inclusion and the concept of bias synapse (BS)
  • How to be aware of your biases and realize how they may have originated
  • How to recognize the systems and results of bias
  • How to address bias internally and externally
  • How to navigate the “hot spots” of workplace diversity

Duration: 60 minutes with 30 minutes of live Q&A

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