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Just Ask: How We Must Stop Minding Our Own Business in the Legal World: Depression and Suicide Prevention Essentials [ABA Event]


October 4, 2021 1:00 pm

Hosted by the ABA




Attorneys and Judges take on the world and often the problems of their clients and litigants. Law students feel this pressure from the first day of law school, worried about student debt, competition for jobs, and struggles for professional achievement. Many of us are working long hours and under significant pressure, which can have a significant impact on our well-being. The pandemic has significantly increased emotional stress and feelings of isolation for all of us. These conditions can culminate in serious mental health problems, including depression and suicide.

Attorneys and Judges handle a litany of legal problems and stressors every day. These stressors begin in law school and continue throughout practice- brought about by long hours and the pressures of handling all the matters that come along with being part of the legal profession. The evidence is clear that attorneys need to focus more on their personal well-being. The ABA is hosting this essential program in the week leading up to World Mental Health Day to draw attention to the prevalence of depression and suicide in our profession and identify concrete steps that we can each take to help save lives.

Please join us as Congressman Jamie Raskin shares a powerful taped message of how suicide has impacted his entire family. The program will also include live panelist and moderator Chris Ritter, Director of the Texas Lawyers Assistance program, and panelist Meridith Carpenter-Black, Managing Attorney for Black & Associates Legal Group, Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor, and Licensed Child Placing Agency Administrator in Texas. The program will also feature a powerful video highlighting the stories of lawyers speaking of their own experience with suicide. The esteemed panel will also guide a discussion of practical strategies for intervening with colleagues and loved ones. Just knowing how to ask about depression and suicide can lend a helping hand to someone in need. World Mental Health Day is an opportunity to commit to our own well-being and improving the well-being of our profession.

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