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Law Practice Startup Workshop [Boston]


January 25, 2019 12:00 pm

Our Law Practice Startup Workshops are cosponsored by Starting Out Solo, and cover all the basics of starting your own law practice, in roughly three hours.

Heidi Alexander will introduce the essentials and host our experts rounding out key topics on planning, time management, office tech, client management, ethics, and finances. If you really want to maximize your participation, spend some time perusing our startup kit. It identifies and answers the top 5 FAQ our advisors hear from law practice startups, and breaks down a wealth of information on the topics of FinanceMarketingOperationsRisk Management, and Technology.

We always offer time for Q+A and networking.

This is free & confidential for all lawyers and law students in Massachusetts. Register here.

Stay tuned for our expert lineup!

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