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New Year Networking Breakfast Party | Mass LOMAP


January 16, 2019 8:30 am - 10:00 am

What do lawyers and the holiday season have in common? They’re both absurdly busy.

And lawyers in the throes of holiday season? Come on.

So we’re bringing back our post-holiday New Year Networking Breakfast Party to celebrate after you’re through with most of your higher seasonal priorities.

RSVP HERE. (This event is Free!)

You’re still a busy lawyer any day of the year, so here are 5 compelling reasons for you to come help get our party started on January 16th at 8:30am:

ONE. You need to network anyway. If you aren’t a fan of traditional networking, this *IS* the event for you. Susan has a really fun facilitated networking activity planned for a portion of our time. Bring your business cards and elevator pitches if you want to maximize your traction.

TWO. You need coffee anyway. We will have it. And it should be good.

THREE. You need breakfast anyway. Breakfast is probably more important than coffee — maybe not to your mind, but surely for your body.

FOUR. You’ll be in Boston or want to come here anyway. Unless you’re not and don’t have time. But our Executive Director makes it to our Boston office from Springfield every day. Just saying.

FIVE. Maybe more?! Free professional headshots? Free chair massages? We can’t make any promises on those yet, but we’re trying really hard to offer some fun bonuses. And we will definitely have our swag stocked: Stress Brains, Travel Sewing Kits, and Lens Cleaners — get excited!

Space is limited, so spots are limited — you can cancel your RSVP if you learn you can’t make it.

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