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Rainmakers Incubator [Workshop Series]


November 6, 2019 10:00 am

Support for Lawyers Determined to Build Rainmaking Skills. Free and Confidential. Limited Spots.

Registration for our November 2019 Workshop Series is NOW OPEN — in a format consolidated to TWO 4-hour workshops in Boston. This program fills to capacity each time we offer it — and quickly — so register now!

Career growth requires the ability to communicate the value of your work. To prospective clients, to current clients, to your boss, to everyone you’ve ever met at a networking event, and to everyone you’ve ever met anywhere.

Business opportunities can happen anywhere and everywhere. You’ll continue to miss more than you’ll ever know existed — until you decide to learn what “natural rainmakers” already have.

Rainmaking can be an intimidating skill to learn. But if you made it through law school and passed the Bar Exam, you know you can handle developing tough skills. And don’t worry if you find traditional selling awkward or uncomfortable. You might be surprised by how quickly most rainmaking skills start to feel natural as you understand more.

And now our Rainmakers Incubator is here to guide you through the learning process! Our program is series of workshops, which will offer new and different approaches to business development that are backed by research and provide you with the foundation you’ll need to continue making progress on your own.

Our first workshop will open with a communications assessment, designed to help you gain insight into any gaps between your default ways of selling and the proven and effective ways. The following work will guide you through planning and creating the materials you need to become a successful rainmaker.

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