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Social Media Evidence: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly [GNBA Event]


October 7, 2021 4:00 pm

Hosted by the Greater Newburyport Bar Association




Social media plays a key role in many probate, civil and criminal cases. Although social media is now ubiquitous in society and the law, the evolving nature of operating systems, devices and apps creates challenges for your clients and cases, whether civil, criminal or family law. And the ugly? The potential criminal law consequences. Attend and learn best practices, what the laws state and how and where to find the evidence.

It is critical for all lawyers to know:

  • How to find social media platforms
  • How to conduct discovery to find social media evidence
  • How to establish a chain of custody
  • What evidence is admissible and what is exclusionary and how to properly authenticate evidence in court
  • What are the potential civil and criminal consequences of using social media evidence
  • What should you do if your client has unlawfully recorded a conversation
  • How do you avoid ethical traps

The Faculty

Gary Todd, Todd & Weld, Boston, Moderator

Hon. Eric Neyman, Appeals Court

Hon. Robert A. Brennan, RAJ, Essex District Court

Daniel K. Gelb, Gelb & Gelb, Beverly

Richard Novitch, Todd & Weld, Boston

Nicole Reilly, Reilly & Rosnov, Danvers

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