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The 2021 Mid-Year Accounting Checklist for Law Firms (Free Event from ABA LTRC & CosmoLex)


June 23, 2021 2:00 pm

Hosted by the ABA LTRC & CosmoLex


Keeping an eye on your law office’s financials is always an essential task for those in charge, and this year it’s more important than ever to make sure your practice is staying on track. As we all prepare to resume a “normal” life, are you sure that you’re on track to hit your financial goals? Do you have a clear understanding of how your current financial situation will affect the second half of your year?

While most people who work in small and mid-sized organizations have been keeping a closer eye on their cash flow and accounting practices over the past year, a thorough, guided mid-year review will give you an in-depth picture and a solid foundation so you can quickly correct your course if needed. Join us as we highlight the most critical aspects of the Mid-Year Accounting Checklist for Law Firms and explain how to put this resource to use in your office today. Attendees will receive the downloadable checklist so they may begin working through the steps and ensure there are no (accounting) surprises that can sneak up on your law practice this year.

Learning Objectives
1. Define the separate aspects of “law firm accounting”
2. Review the Mid-Year Accounting Checklist for Law Firms
3. How can technology help you get ahead?

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