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The Sky Is Not Falling: Rolling with the Ups and Downs of Practice (GNBA Event)


January 12, 2022 4:30 pm

Hosted by the Greater Newburyport Bar Association




Whether you are new to practice, or just struggling to make ends meet in the current climate, this program provides lots of practical advice about how to plan and run your practice so that you have predictability, good clients and less anxiety. The interactive format will insure that your questions get answered.

Attend & Learn

  • How to calculate the cost of obtaining a client
  • How to find reliable sources of income
  • How to create a budget for your practice
  • How to generate business for free
  • What habits could be adding to your anxiety and tips to avoid anxiety
  • How to avoid accepting clients who will add stress
  • What level of revenue do you need before you hire
  • Setting realistic expectations


Martha Bagley, Moderator, Weston Patrick and BagleyLaw

Nicole Reilly, Reilly & Rosnov, Danvers

Thomas Taranto, Law Office of Thomas J. Taranto, Salem

Damian Turco, TurcoLegal, Newburyport

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