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Women of Color in the Legal Profession: Realism, Resilience, and Well-being [ABA Event]


October 20, 2021 12:00 pm

Hosted by the American Bar Association




Get practical tools to help you prioritize well-being, time management, and resiliency.

We read the reports. We live the experiences. In a demanding profession, many lawyers experience high levels of anxiety and stress. The unique experiences of women of lawyers of color can add another layer of stress. These conditions often become overwhelming and take a toll on individual well-being and the ability to perform legal work at the highest professional level.

Join our panelists as they share their experiences as women lawyers of color and provide tips to increase your effectiveness as a lawyer while reducing your stress level. During this program, we will:

  • Identify and understand what resilience and well-being mean for women lawyers of color
  • Explore current practices within the legal profession to address issues of stress management and well-being
  • Apply practical tools and techniques for maintaining well-being despite a busy law practice
  • Identify time management tools to help prioritize and triage legal tasks while reducing overwhelm from self-imposed and client expectations
  • Recognize and address the legal, ethical obligations implicated in maintaining attorney well-being
  • Develop strategies for building a culture of resilience and well-being plans for individuals and teams

All are welcome

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