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Even if you don’t plan to get clients directly from the Internet, you’ll want to be visible online. Your online presence boosts your credibility and helps you stay top of mind to potential clients and referral sources. Creating and managing a website legitimizes your business presence online. Website features like blogs allow you to publish your content directly through your website. With the addition of social media and email marketing, you can broadcast your content to establish and enhance your online reputation. And, if you are in a practice area where clients tend to search online for answers to their questions, a regularly updated blog with short articles that answer those questions will help you get noticed by your target market.


Web Essentials 4-Part Series

  1. Website Building Blocks
  2. Design and Development
  3. Analytics
  4. Search Engine Optimization

Competitive Branding and Website Development for Lawyers (Legal Toolkit Podcast)

The Impact of Search Engine Optimization (Legal Toolkit Podcast)


Blogging for Professional Development

The Reluctant Blogger: How a Blogging Skeptic Became a Blogging Believer


Twitter for Beginners

Facebook As a Business Marketing Utility

Personal and Business Profiles


Email Marketing for Attorneys (Legal Toolkit Podcast)

Leverage Your Contacts for Direct Email Marketing


Kick-Start Your Practice: Join a Lawyer Referral Service

Paid Online Advertising for Your Law Practice (Attorney at Work)

Making Google Ad-Words Work for Your Firm (ABA LTRC)


The Essential Attorney Handbook for Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Website Development (Jeff Lantz, CreateSpace)

Internet Branding for Lawyers (Jeff Lantz, American Bar Association)

The Lawyers Guide to Marketing on the Internet (Gregory H. Siskind, Deborah McMurray & Richard P. Klau, American Bar Association)

The Legal Side of Blogging for Lawyers (Ruth Carter, American Bar Association)

Blogging in One Hour (Ernie Svenson, American Bar Association)

Winning at Local Search: One Nifty Guide to Online Marketing for Lawyers (Mike Ramsey, Attorney at Work)

Social Media for Lawyers: The Next Frontier (Carolyn Elefant & Nicole Black, American Bar Association)

Social Media Strategies for Professionals and Their Firms: The Guide to Establishing Credibility and Accelerating Relationships (Michelle Golden, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.)

Facebook in One Hour for Lawyers (Allison C. Shields & Dennis Kennedy, American Bar Association)

Twitter in One Hour for Lawyers (Jared Correia, American Bar Association)

LinkedIn in One Hour for Lawyers (Allison C. Shields & Dennis Kennedy, American Bar Association)

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