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Tuesday, November 10, 2020
12:30pm – 1:30pm


Easing the Struggle:
Strategies to Reduce Law Student Depression and Anxiety

There is a growing body of research showing that law students have elevated levels of depression, stress, and anxiety that are unique to law students as compared to other graduate students. These preexisting mental health and substance use issues are exacerbated even more for law students during these extraordinary times with the Covid-19 pandemic, racial injustice, and the turmoil leading up to the election.

This Free & Confidential one-hour interactive webinar focuses on tools to reduce depression and anxiety and increase coping skills during these difficult times.

  • Mindfulness-based interventions for depression
  • Calming the worried mind
  • Creating balance in daily living through healthy eating, movement, and sleep
  • The role of support

This event has passed; we look forward to scheduling more. In the meantime, the following resource might be helpful:

LCL MA Office Hours (Online) for WNEU School of Law Students

Meet the Presenter

Tracey Meyers, PsyD | LCL MA Staff Clinician

Dr. Tracey Meyers, Psy.D
Staff Clinician, LCL MA

Dr. Tracey Meyers, Psy.D. joined LCL in August 2020. As a Clinical Psychologist and mindfulness instructor, she meets with clients regularly, leads groups, writes articles, and makes presentations to the legal community. Read more about Tracey here.

Tracey can be reached via email at, or by calling (617) 482-9600.

Our Confidentiality Promise.

Your visit and information will not be disclosed unless you request and provide written consent. Find more details on confidentiality here.


We’ve centralized resources to help with stress, mental health, and career development on our page for Law Students.

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