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Legal Marketing Blogs: Where do you find a good one?

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A search for helpful blogs on any topic can be difficult due to the ever growing number of blogs. This seems especially true in the area of legal marketing where coaches and consultants are looking for a way to standout in the crowd. However, there are blog aggregators that can help you sort the wheat from the chaff. One of the most prominent aggregator is the ABA’s blawg directory which has 80 marketing and consulting blogs which it organizes by popularity and alphabetically. Another helpful aggregator is Legal Marketing Reader which aggregates marketing blogs exclusively. Although it does not include as many blawgs as does the ABA, it selects blogs based on the author’s perception of relevance, it also has a list of upcoming marketing events and it provides an excellent list of marketing articles for review.

Save time in looking for marketing tips by turning to the aggregators where you can quickly see who is providing interesting current content.

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