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Big Apple Core: LegalTech New York 2009

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The most complicated thing about techshows, or tech shows, is the determination of the appropriate way to describe them. Is “techshow” one word, or is “tech show” two words? However you call it, LegalTech New York 2009 (which resolves the issue by leaving the term out entirely) is the premier technology fair for the East Coast attorney. LegalTech New York is a splendid bazaar. Featuring well over 200 vendors and covering 3½ hotel floors, LegalTech New York is a monolithic event, tending to the spectacular, plenty of Turkish delight.

It speaks to the accessibility of modern technology, and our understanding of the uses (if not the underlying construction) of modern technology, that a group as traditionally technophobic as lawyers should have presented, for their benefit, a massive convention dedicated exclusively to schwag-festooned displays touting the most advanced technological features available to the legal community. But, this is more practical consideration than anything else. Smart attorneys realize that increased efficiency equals increased productivity equals increased revenue. The easiest way to increase efficiency is by the continual updating of the business technology platform.

Making a trip to LegalTech New York is a guaranteed blue chip investment in an otherwise unstable market. The realized benefits you derive from products you first learn about at LegalTech New York will more than pay for your trip to the show; and, if you are watching finances, and wary of an initial investment, remember that your attendance at the exhibitor floors will cost you exactly zero dollars. Just bring your Caravan; there’s a lot of ground to cover.

Of course, LOMAP, being a non-profit organization, cannot afford a caravan; so, you’re left with me, all alone, against the Big Apple. I’d like to think I did a fair job of coverage, considering the ratio of vendors to Jareds.

Of the booths I hit, from the booths I passed on, here are, categorized, some of my favorites:

Case Management Systems

Client Profiles has created a full-service case management system (part of a suite of law firm products). Client Profiles is designed for use and integration with Microsoft systems. A limited number of free trials are available at the LOMAP Milk Street office. LawBase is matter management software with document assembly and conflict check capability, the SmartFolders feature (which allows you to create custom folders) and other advances for the latest release: LawBase 12. LucidIQ’s caseManager is an intuitive, web-based case management platform featuring robust workflow and information management applications. Needles is a popular case management system that bills itself as the most customizable system on the market. Needles prides itself on the incorporation of user suggestions into future product designs.


Nuance’s Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Legal is specially designed for legal professionals, and boasts drafting speeds three times faster than typing, with 99% accuracy. Dragon may be applied to word processing, email and web browsing. iDictate is a virtual dictation service. Billed as a pocket secretary, and basically a call-out service for dictation, iDictate offers a connection to a human typist through a variety of electronic devices. A limited number of free trials are available at LOMAP’s office. Winscribe offers both speech recognition and transcription services, across a variety of platforms, as digital dictation workflow management continues to be one of the fastest growing areas of legal technology.

Information Storage and Security

With the May 1, 2009 effective enforcement date of Massachusetts General Law Chapter 93H and associated regulations, it will become critical for businesses, including law firms, to properly protect collected personal information. Fortunately, there are companies that can assist Massachusetts attorneys in installing the protocols and programs necessary to comply with the law. Riley, Carlock & Applewhite specializes in document retention and security, and performs the neat trick of analyzing your document to produce a flow sheet covering privacy information requirements for your state and the federal system. Mimosa Systems provides an array of technical support services, including those covering compliance with rules and regulations relating to data protection. RenewData offers comprehensive data management and protection services.

Miscellaneous/Quick Hitters

I had the distinct pleasure of traveling down to LegalTech with one of the owners of TurboLaw. TurboLaw has always provided quality forms and documents, but has recently launched easy-to-use time and billing software. Sign up for a free thirty-day trial at the website . . . Agent Legal has created a federated search engine for legal professionals. The product enables users to gather, organize and share information from multiple, disparate resources within a single platform. Want to search Westlaw and Lexis at the same time? Now you can . . . Check out Rick Borstein’s excellent Adobe Blog: Acrobat for Legal Professionals . . . Deadlines on Demand is an automated rules-based calendaring system designed for small firms. Import all of your trial deadlines to your Outlook calendar using this pay-per use website that is powered by CompuLaw . . . Going paperless is easy with Fujitsu ScanSnap products. For archiving, indexing and searching your scanned documents, try Rebus Technology’s Recollect Enterprise 6.5 . . . For cutting edge trial presentation needs, check out Sanction . . . Build your own website, have them build it for you or help them build it. (Priced accordingly.) can help you help yourself. . . Event Management Systems provides room and event calendars with loads of special features designed to help you get a handle on the meeting glut, whether your internal meetings are weighing you down or whether you rent out your space to others . . . EncoreTech offers Office 2007 trainings, so you catch up on Microsoft’s latest platform, sooner . . .

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