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Outside Counsel: Because You Can’t Spell “Practice Management Advice” Without P-M-A

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This week, the fine folks at AbacusLaw were kind enough to feature a guest post of mine at their blog, PracticeSmarter.

If you didn’t catch “Outside Counsel: Because You Can’t Spell ‘Practice Management Advice’ Without P-M-A” (yes, that’s really the title; and, yes, I just unnecessarily repeated it) there, you can catch it here.

If you’ve ever wanted to see me rather gratuitously pimp my own profession, well, here’s your chance. (But, seriously, folks, practice management advisors do some great work, and Rodney and I are certainly not the only ones around.)

This is probably the shortest blog post I’ll ever write; and you thought I didn’t have it in me, but now you’re hollerin’ atcha boy.

Incidentally, I like your beard.

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