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LOMAP Data Privacy Series Available Through Massachusetts Bar Association’s “Lawyers Journal”

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As you’ve likely gathered by now, we love to write about data privacy issues here at the LOMAP Blog . . . well, at least, we do.

And, we’re at it again.

Over a three-month period occurring in the Winter-Spring joint season, LOMAP published a series of articles covering several data privacy issues for the Massachusetts Bar Association’s Lawyers Journal. All of those posts are available online, for free and for articles released in: February 2010; March 2010; and, April 2010.

Why now? You might ask. Even two months later. Well, I’m presenting a small segment on data privacy for the MBA tonight at what has been billed as the-greatest-workplace-injury-CLE-ever-hosted-,-which-is-even-better-than-(-the-World-Cup-. – . – . -of-workplace-injury-CLEs-)-,-I-guess. Of course, it will be, though: I’ll be there. But, seriously, folks, it’ll be cool if I can be like, “Hey, in fact, if you want to learn more about data privacy, why don’t you just go visit our own LOMAP Blog, where I posted on the topic this very morning.” I’d be the cat’s pajamas, surely. You can see me do this live. There’s still time to sign up for the program; Register here.

(You see how I did that? I just promoted like seven things (make it eight) at once, including the World Cup and a dang cat wearing pajamas (which may or may not be the mascot for the World Cup this year)! Damn, I’m good.)

If you like our take on data privacy, as presented through the linked MBA articles, you may ask of yourself, “Wow. Where can I find more? . . . Preferably in the form of 5,000 word blog postings.” Well, are you ever in luck. For Rodney’s last post on the topic, click here. For an aggregation of all of our other posts on the topic, in the context of a discussion of post-effective date considerations, click here.

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