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Ideas for a Literary Addiction Library

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A recent compilation of “best books about addiction” reminded me of my appreciation for biographies and autobiographies about individuals’ journeys into alcoholism/addiction (and preferably from there to recovery).  Some of the books on that list are Heather King’s memoir, Parched and neuroscientist Marc Lewis’ Memoirs of an Addicted Brain (neither of which I’ve yet read), as well as Drinking: A Love Story by the late journalist Caroline Knapp, which I did read years ago.  (Carrie Fisher’s Wishful Drinking, which I saw as a performance piece, is very entertaining if not chock full of addiction information.)  I also recently enjoyed Augusten Burroughs’ memoir, Dry, and I know there are several more in the back of my memory.  If you have other favorites, please email me (see Contact page) and at some point I’ll post a more comprehensive list of memoirs.

Jeff Fortgang, PhD

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