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How to Increase Your Twitter Following

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Recently, the American Bar Association’s Legal Technology Resource Center published an excerpt from my new book, ‘Twitter in One Hour for Lawyers’, through its Law Technology Today blog.  In the post, which you can read here, you’ll find me talking about some of the niceties of getting followed and following back on the Twitter.  If you like what you read, you can read the rest, by picking up a physical copy of my book from the ABA website, or a virtual one, through iTunes.  If you like what you see from the Law Technology Today blog, know that you will find regular posts appearing there from both Rodney Dowell and our latest addition here at LOMAP, Heidi Alexander.

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Liner Notes

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to go on a road tripwith Rodney and I, you needn’t wonder any longer: we drove up to Maine last week for a day-long conference presented by the Maine State Bar Association, Assistance Program for Lawyers & Judges and Board of Overseers of the Bar — the last organization being very clearly enamored with prepositions.  It took us a little while to get up there, because Rodney was driving; so, we had some time to listen to some tunes.

Here are selected items from our playlist, for your enjoyment:

Rodney was listening to some Chris Isaak, the ‘Heart Shaped World’ album in particular, which you’ll all know features the big hit ‘Wicked Game’, of which you can watch the video here.  Other attractive selections from that album include: ‘Don’t Make Me Dream About You’, ‘I’m Not Waiting’, the title track ‘Heart Shaped World’, ‘Forever Young and ‘Wrong To Love You’.  Rodney has seen Isaak live at Red Rocks.  No word on whether sons Jacob or Esau were there.  I think Chris Isaak has a similar sound to Roy Orbison; and, you’ll all know how much I love Roy Orbison.

I have been on a Stephen Stills kick of late.  I celebrate the entire Stephen Stills catalogue; and, for all his success, I still consider him underrated, especially for his solo stuff.  Rodney happened to have the Buffalo Springfield boxed seton his iPhone, which is an album you should really pick up.  If you’re looking for deep tracks from my dog Stephen, check out: ‘Johnny’s Garden’, ‘Bumblebee (Do You Need a Place to Hide?)’ (early partial demo of ‘The Love Gangster’), ‘Sugar Babe’, ‘Jet Set (Sigh)’, ‘Sit Yourself Down’, ‘To Mama from Christopher and the Old Man’, ‘Buyin’ Time’ and ‘Guaganco de Vero’.

Alan Klevan, riding separately, informed me that ‘Jackie Blue’ (by the Ozark Mountain Daredevils, which artist I couldn’t remember) had come up during an entirely eclectic session that he had shared with his iPod on the lonely drive up through Vacationland.

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