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Guest Post: Go MILO: 2013 Edition of Popular Conference is in Late October; Early Bird Registration Still Available

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Since I’ve been at LOMAP, I have witnessed a decided shift in computing preferences: whereas, five years ago, most of the attorneys I talked to were PC users, now, more than half of the attorneys that I consult with use Macs — and, that figure is growing. In fact, this is a general trend, beyond the four walls of our office. Consequently, more and more resources have come available for attorneys who use Macs in the practice of law. One of the major sources of information for Mac attorneys remains the Macs in the Law Office (MILO) group, and its annual conference, MILOfest, which our guest poster, Anna Byrne, of Eckert Byrne, LLC, in Cambridge, talks about in greater detail below — and, I do have it on good authority that Anna had such a great time at MILOfest last year, that she was very hardpressed to return home. If you make it out to the conference this year, be sure to look for our own Heidi Alexander, as well as Anna. This year, MILOfest takes place from October 24th to the 26th, at Disney World.
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The Macs In The Law Office group (‘MILO,’ for short) is a free, email discussion board/listserv for attorneys who use Macs (and other Apple devices) in the practice of law. It’s a place where you can ask questions, share your experiences and commune with lots of other attorneys, around a common interest. And, I do mean lots of other attorneys: currently, MILO has close to four thousand subscribers.
You, too, can become a member of the MILO community, in a couple of places:
@ Google Groups
@ LinkedIn
Five years ago, the folks who run MILO decided that they would be filling a need in the Mac-using legal community if they offered an annual conference that featured programming, training and the opportunity for MILO’ers to come out from behind their Macs, and to meet each other, face to face. So they created MILOfest. The conference, run by New Jersey attorney Victor Medina as a labor of love, focuses on sharing great, Mac-related ideas, and on building community among users.
This year, MILOfest is held at Disney World’s Yacht & Beach Club Resort in Orlando, Florida, from October 24th to the 26th, 2013.
To learn more about this event, visit the conference website, here. A full agenda is available, here.
Whether you’re new to Macs, or an old pro, there’s plenty presented at MILOfest that will help you to walk away from the conference with better tools for your practice.
*If you’re considering attending MILOfest this year, Early Bird Registration is still available, through September 24. Register here.*

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