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The Posts of Christmas Past: Calendar Year in Review

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Each year around this time, depending on when the flu is rampant, or when a blizzard strikes, we gather up, and (re)produce for you, what-we-believe-to-be our best posts for each month of the past year.  This has become something of a tradition; and, far be it from me to begin an alternate course, by slighting 2013.  I would not dream of it.

In what, then, has become a fever dream version of the Twelve Days of Christmas, I can begin to kick it like this:
-In lieu of a partridge in a pear tree, we provide you with Heidi’s January 2013 post covering the four things you’ll need to build your website.
-Instead of two turtles doves, we can offer you this February 2013 post that includes five of Heidi’s best tips for tracking time (if you’ll kindly click through now).
-Rather than three French hens, would you not prefer five more tips, these on document management, from March 2013? (Drive up, please. That’s two more than hens.) (It’s also now fourteen tips; count ‘em: 14 . . . and, we’ve got nine months left. What a New Year!)
-If you were to pass on four calling birds, we could provide an alternate present, in the form of Heidi’s April 2013 primer on recovering data in the event of a crash.

Fiiiiive Golden Rings. . . They’re awesome. I ain’t got nothin’ bad to say about them. Did you know that you have to represent three types of marketer to effectively advertise a law practice? It’s true. Our May 2013 post explains in greater detail.
-But, six geese-a-laying, really? Haven’t we all had enough of geese? Geese are lonesome, on’ry and mean. They’ll peck you as soon as look at you. On the other hand, our June 2013 post will help reduce down your elevator pitch to a fine timbre. Ain’t it purty?
-Eschewing seven swans-a-swimming would be the perfect way to free up your swimming pool, so that you could instead take a dive into our July 2013 post, in which we offer suggestions that combine to enwrap your life in noise-canceling headphones. Yup.
-Since eight maids-a-milking are probably superfluous, when you can just drive to Stoppies and buy a ton of milk off the rack, perchance you will instead drink in this August 2013 post, in which we break down six different encryption scenarios, and tell you how to manage them — with a little help from the J-5. (No, them; but, they’re good, too.)
-Nine ladies dancing? Story of my life, right? I know. . . . But, we’re getting distracted. Did you know I came out with a new form of marketing plan in this September 2013 post? Well, here’s the template, actually.
-As it turns out, I only know nine Lords, and none of them leap. Others have, traditionally. In October 2013, a lot of stuff happened; but, Heidi highlighted some new responsibilities for lawyers who handle HIPAA-related matters. Always with the new responsibilities, right? . . .
-Why attempt to utilize a total of eleven pipers piping, when one will suffice? Oh, and if you’re interested in whether your LinkedIn profile is up to snuff as respects ethical requirements, check in on our November 2013 post on that subject.
-If twelve drummers drum in the forest, will anyone hear them? Certainly, you won’t. That is some kind of expenditure, and without our gift. But, comfort yourself instead with this December 2013 post . . . Now, you’ll know just what to do the next time you take a flat fee.
Put a fork in it. We’re done.
And, a partridge iiiiiiiiiiii . . .
No, I said we’re done.
. . .
Liner Notes
This is normally the space where I would collect unique and interesting, perhaps lost, Christmas songs, for your listening pleasure.
Fortunately, though, someone else has taken on the task for me this year. If you like the songs, get ‘em by donating to a good cause. If you do, your heart is sure to grow three sizes this day.

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