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Delegating Tasks Webinars for Busy Lawyers

How to Delegate Effectively in Your Law Practice [Webinar]

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In this edition of Webinars for Busy Lawyers, our expert team will give you the best practices of champion delegators – in 30 minutes.

You’re a lawyer, but you’re only one human. There are hard limits on how much you can accomplish, and growth depends on how effectively you delegate to others.

Watch our experts to find out:

  • When you should and shouldn’t delegate,
  • To whom you should delegate, and
  • Why lawyers resist delegating.

You’ll also learn 4 steps to delegation that get results, and how effective delegation drives engagement and morale.

About the Experts

Marcia Watson Wasserman is the President of Comprehensive Management Solutions, Inc. Learn more here.

Andrew Elowitt is principal of New Actions. Learn more here.

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