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top mobile apps for lawyers

10 Apps Every Lawyer Needs to Have on Mobile [Webinar]

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In this installment of Webinars for Busy Lawyers, Brett Burney will share the top apps every lawyer needs on their mobile device — in 33 minutes.

The right apps can effectively streamline and mobilize your law practice — but option overload makes them hard to find. With thousands of apps available for your mobile device, you only need the ones that will actually be useful in your practice.

Watch this webinar to find out what top 10 apps every lawyer should be using according Brett Burney, who has helped hundreds of lawyers better integrate mobile devices into their practices and continues to post helpful reviews on his blog at


Presentation slides are available here.


About the Expert

When lawyers want to mobilize their practice, they turn to Brett Burney who has been helping legal professionals better understand what apps, tips, and workflows they can use to effectively work on the go. Brett also runs the award-winning Apps in Law blog at where he provides short video reviews of apps and interviews lawyers about the apps they use in a popular podcast. Brett is a frequent contributor to Legaltech News and speaks around the country on litigation support, e-discovery, Mac, and iOS-related topics. You can email Brett any time at



Top Apps for Increasing Efficiency in Law Practice (Heidi Alexander, Mass LOMAP, 2017)

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