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Career growth workbooks to print and plan

Innovate Your Career as a Lawyer [Workbook Series, Now Print Ready]

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Careers don’t plan themselves. Get the 5 workbooks you need to align your strengths, values, brand, purpose, and plan for better work as a lawyer — now optimized for download and print.

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We published a 5-workbook series designed to guide you through career planning last year in blog posts with revealing exercises that help you notice more opportunities, overcome limiting ways of thinking, and uncover your unique skills and energizing vision for a successful and happy future.


Each of the 5 workbooks offers a checklist, discussion, and activities designed to accelerate your innovation and build upon your previous work. At the end of each workbook, you will have an array of strategies at your disposal to develop, advance or transition your career. You may decide to improve one or more skills, seek out new opportunities, effectively communicate your fit for an opportunity, define what you need to do to feel successful and happy, or create a written plan to manage your strategy projects.


Deep work like this takes time. To help you stay committed as you work through the material, we created a single, 105-page file with all 5 workbooks, making it easier for you to download and print: Career Development for Lawyers Workbook Series. The workbooks include links you’ll need to follow in the electronic version of the file. And you can still navigate through the individual workbooks in the original blog post format:

  1. STRENGTHS [Workbook 1]. SWOT inside and outside to uncover your technical and core strategy, leadership, and communication strengths and opportunities that are worth your time and effort to explore.
  2. VALUES [Workbook 2]. Revisit your values, beliefs, assumptions and unconscious biases and their impact on your most important decisions.
  3. BRAND [Workbook 3]. Rebrand yourself so that your project a strong, professional presence and people remember you exactly as you want them to.
  4. PURPOSE [Workbook 4]. Repurpose your passion into a driver of your success and happiness.
  5. PATH [Workbook 5]Chart your course forward with clear goals, a step-by-step action plan, and insight for implementation accountability.


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