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Virtual Resources Law Student Graduates in Massachusetts Summer 2020

Updated: Virtual Resources for Recent Law School Graduates in Massachusetts (Summer/Fall 2020)

This article is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be used in place of professional advice, treatment, or care in any way. Lawyers, law students, judges, and other legal professionals in Massachusetts can find more on scheduling a Free & Confidential appointment with a licensed clinician here.

Transitioning into the legal profession isn’t easy, and even more challenging during a pandemic. The right resources and support can make a big difference.

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Find updates and more on dealing with the delayed Massachusetts Bar Exam here. (And our COVID-19 Resources landing has more on financial relief resources, remote work, and more, including links to key resources like updates on court closures.) And below, we’ve compiled local programs, podcasts, and more resources from the ABA and other organizations to help recent law school graduates — along with our own best resources on getting your career started off right.


Support Group for Recent Law Grads: Fall 2020 Session “Open House” Sept 14

Our Free & Confidential support group will meet online each week, giving peers space to connect and discuss what’s on your mind during uniquely challenging times as you prepare to enter the legal profession. We are sourcing interest through our registration form to learn whether Mondays at 2pm is a convenient time, and whether participants would prefer more narrowly tailored groups:

  • Recent grads only (or current students only)
  • Career transition (both students & recent grads)
  • Mental health, related to Covid or not
  • First generation law students

Find more on our Free & Confidential Law Students & Recent Grads Support Group here.


Toolkit for Bar Exam Success: FREE MBA Program Series Online

This FREE program series supporting law school graduates who face unprecedented uncertainty this year as they prepare for the new, remotely administered bar exam and the start of their legal careers is offered by the Massachusetts Bar Association in collaboration with the Massachusetts Black Lawyers Association, the Boston Lawyers Group, the Massachusetts Association of Hispanic Attorneys, and the Supreme Judicial Court Standing Committee on Lawyer Well-Being.

The virtual sessions will offer strategies for success on the exam, as well as tips for navigating the pressures and anxieties that many law school graduates are experiencing this year due to the pandemic and other challenges.

Find more on the Toolkit for Bar Exam Success Here.


2020 Law School Graduate Mentoring Program from the Boston Bar Association.

The BBA’s 2020 Law School Graduate Mentoring Program consists of two forms of mentorship: Bar Coaching and Career Transition Coaching. Bar Coaching will assist new graduates as they prepare to sit for the bar exam and all the stresses that come along with studying. The Bar Coaching Program will address both test taking preparation and offer support to exam takers. Coaches will assist graduates with study schedules, stress management, and other non-substantive aspects of preparing for the exam. Graduates can also expect supplemental programming from the BBA such as essay writing and attacking the MBE. Career Transition Coaching takes graduates beyond the Bar Exam and helps prepare them for entering the practice of law. Graduates can expect help with their resumes, networking, interview preparation as well as general guidance on practicing in the Boston area. Graduates will be further supported by regular roundtable events in which participants can network and learn from each other’s experiences.

Find more on the BBA’s Law School Graduate Mentoring Program here.


Podcast: Dealing with Stress While Studying for the Bar Exam (and more).

Preparing for bar exam is often overwhelming. Techniques for dealing with the stress are discussed in Episode 5 of the ABA’s Path to Law Student Well-Being Podcast Series. The Path to Law Student Well-Being Podcast Series is sponsored by the ABA Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs, Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar, and Law Student Division.

Find all episodes here, topics include:


Student Loans: Free Advice (and More) from AccessLex.

Find more on AccessConnex free student loan helpline here. And more webinars and podcasts on money management during COVID-19 are available from AccessLex here.


Bar Prep: New, Cheaper Resource — BarPrepHero.

As reported by ATL, BarPrepHero is “an affordable self-study option and a particularly great resource for a repeat bar exam taker who is looking to access tons of practice questions but doesn’t need a full program.” Learn more here.


Free & Confidential LCL MA Job Search Support Group.

These online discussion and support groups are designed for lawyers, recent grads, law students, and other legal professionals who are facing unemployment or underemployment. This group meets twice monthly via Zoom. Find details and register for our Job Search Group here.


Free & Confidential Consultations:

Lawyers, law students, and judges in Massachusetts can discuss any mental health and well-being concerns with a licensed therapist, and any law practice management and career development concerns with a law practice advisor. Find more on scheduling here.


More Key Resources from LCL | Mass LOMAP for Career Well-Being:

Happiness Basics for Lawyers + Law Students: Positive Psychology, Values, and “Work-Life Balance”: Recent surveys and headlines observe the challenges, but it’s perfectly possible to be a happy lawyer — with the right focus and support.

Career Development for Lawyers Workbook Series: A free 5-part workbook series on career development for lawyers, covering Strengths, Values, Brand, Purpose, and Path.

Career Planning for Lawyers: Innovation, Niche Selection, Networking, Productivity Succession Planning, and much more.

Law Practice Startup Guide + On Demand Workshop: Our free guide covers Finance, Operations, Marketing, Technology, Risk Management, and more. Our live workshops are temporarily suspended in accordance with COVID-19 safety guidelines — but you can watch a recording on demand (and then book a free & confidential one-on-one consultation with an advisor when you need questions answered).

Our Free & Confidential Support Groups: Exclusively for lawyers, law students and judges in Massachusetts, featuring Solo | Stress Connection, SuperMom, ADHD Support, Immigration Lawyers Support, and more.

How to Say NO to Work: Diplomatic Boundaries for Lawyers

Transitioning Reasonable Accommodations from Law School to the Workplace

More Free Resources for New Lawyers: An easy page to bookmark for key resources like our Webinars for Busy Lawyers on Marketing, Tech, and Mindset in 30 minutes or less and our Rainmakers Incubator Workshop Series for Sales Skills.

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